Infographic: Lebanon Online, August 2017 | Effective Measure

Although internet penetration in Lebanon rose dramatically from 58% in 2013 to 91% in 2017, unique browsers and the daily average of unique browsers decreased by 2.65% & 1.08% respectively than the previous year.

Find out more about internet consumption in Lebanon during August 2017:

  • Mobile unique browsers and page views increased slightly by 0.36% & 0.35 respectively year over year.
  • Males have much more access to the internet than females – 55% vs. 45%.
  • 71% access the internet via a mobile or smartphone device.
  • 12% of internet users are managers and 10% are students.
  • 37% are in their twenties.
  • In terms of the top 10 websites in Lebanon, “” managed to lead the way after being on the third level in 2016, while “” and “” slipped down to be on the second and third levels.
Lebanon Online, August 2017 | Effective Measure

Graph Shows the Internet Consumption in Lebanon During August 2017


Data were driven from 13.110 individuals who were active online in Lebanon during August 2017.

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