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Infographic: Amazon Shoppers Study, 2016 | Radial

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Amazon is the reigning king of e-commerce. It is the world’s largest online retailer, featuring over 200 million products available to USA consumers, and growing at enviable levels of growth daily.

Unveil the Amazon shoppers’ behaviors, preferences, and attitudes towards this e-commerce giant:

  • 73% of Amazon shoppers have been customers for at least 4 years, while 20% have been customers for at least 10 years.
  • 56% used Amazon site several times a month to purchase everything from electronics & media to clothing & home products. 24% make a purchase on the site once a month.
  • Shoppers under 40 were the most loyal to Amazon. Asian and Hispanic consumers and consumers who earn $100K+ a year do the most shopping on Amazon.
  • 55% claimed that they will spend more on Amazon next year than they did this year, while 39% will spend as much as they did in 2016.
  • Product selection (38%), prices (29%) and the speed of delivery (13%) are the main reasons to shop on Amazon.
  • Consumers most often shop for electronics (56%), entertainment/media (52%) and clothing (42%) on Amazon.
  • Nearly half of shoppers cited that product reviews are most influential when deciding whether to purchase a product.
  • The vast majority of shoppers (95%) consider Amazon to be trustworthy and 67% believe that Amazon shows customers the most affordable product most or all of the time.
Amazon Shopper Study, 2016,Radial

Graph Shows the Loyalty of Amazon Shoppers in 2016 | Radial


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