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Despite it is extremely popular that content marketing is the third most difficult strategy to put in place, marketers still are willing to try to make content marketing work for them. In terms of email-driven content marketing strategy, only one-third (34%) of marketing influencers, surveyed, indicated that their organization has already developed one, while another 35% are acting on it now. But to what extent does the email-driven content marketing strategy effective for them?

  • The vast majority (54%) of marketing influencers evaluate their email-driven content marketing strategy to be very successful at achieving objectives, compared to only 5% who consider the strategy unsuccessful.
  • Improving the quality of leads, increasing conversion rates and increasing leads/subscribers are the top three priorities for an email-driven content marketing strategy. They’re also the most challenging barriers to email-driven content marketing success.
  • Email is the most effective channel for marketing content to prospective customers with a rate of 82% of marketing influencers, followed far by social media (54%) and websites/blogs (51%).
  • In total, 9 out of 10 of marketing influencers considered the trend in email-driven content marketing channels to be improving significantly/moderately.

A Graph Shows the Current Situation of Applying the Email-Driven Content Marketing in 2018


Data were driven from 224 marketing influencers. The survey was conducted during the week of August 27, 2018.

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