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After four years of stable e-commerce penetration, it’s the first increase in the percentage of the online population making online purchases in Belgium (74% vs. 76% in 2018). Shoppers spend more and buy more frequently with 59% spent more than 100€. In 2018, Comeos and InSites Consulting have monitored the Belgian e-commerce landscape to better understand the state of e-commerce in Belgium. Read the main highlights of the study:

Belgium E-Commerce Experience & Current Online Shopping Behavior

  • Males are more likely than females to shop online (77% vs. 74%). Younger generations and Dutch also are likely than older generations and French to shop online.
  • Time-saving is the top driver for shopping online in Belgium with a rate of 44%, followed far by home delivery (37%) and low prices (36%).
  • Most of the online shoppers in Belgium prefer online payment via credit cards and bank cards.
  • 30% of shoppers in Belgium don’t buy online because they want to see/try products/services before buying.
Belgium E-Commerce & Online Shopping Statistics, 2018 - Comeos

A Figure Shows the Growth of E-commerce Penetration in Belgium (From 2011 to 2018)

Device Preference for Online Shopping in Belgium

  • 37% of shoppers in Belgium have purchased online using computer/laptop only, compared to only 12% who do so via smartphone/tablet, while 26% have used mixed devices.
  • Females and younger generations are more likely to shop online using mobile devices than males and older generations.
  • 45% of shoppers indicated that they don’t trust making purchases on mobile devices, while 35% claimed that they face some difficulties when paying online.

Top Online Purchased Categories in Belgium

  • Fashion ranked the top of most purchased categories online with a rate of 61%, followed by traveling & leisure time (58%), computer & electronics (45%) and health & beauty (40%).
  • In terms of the buying frequency more than 5 times, food is the top category with a rate of 40%, followed by animals (27%) and entertainment (27%).
Belgium E-Commerce & Online Shopping Statistics, 2018 - Comeos

A Figure Shows the Top Online Purchased Categories in Belgium in 2018


Data is based on a sample of 2014 consumers in Belgium aged 15-70 years old and have made an online purchase in the last 12 months that previous the survey. The survey was conducted online during 23rd March – 5th April 2018.

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