Consumer Awareness & Impact of European Self-Regulatory Programme for OBA 2016 | EDAA & TRUSTe

To gain insights into consumer attitudes and awareness of the European Self-Regulatory Programme for “Online Behavioural Advertising” (OBA) across Europe. The study was conducted by Ipsos MORI, on behalf of EDAA & TRUSTe, the study surveyed over 15,000 adults across 15 different European countries through online interviews.

The results below shows the dramatic improvement across the board:

  • Awareness of the OBA Icon continues to rise across Europe and those who have seen the Icon are choosing to find out more, with at least 1 in 4 consumers in 14 of the 15 European markets surveyed are clicking on the Icon.
  • Bulgaria achieved the highest rate of clicking on the OBA Icon in 2016 (45%), followed by Romania, then Poland and Spain (both are 41%).
  • Portugal has the highest awareness of the OBA Icon with Admarker (59%), with an increasing rate in awareness of Admarker & Icon +19, followed by Greece (52%), achieving an increasing rate +14, then Ireland (39%) and Great Britain (34%).
  • The top 3 countries that achieved the highest awareness of the OBA Icon with Admarker also achieved the highest awareness of the OBA Icon without Admarker but with a different order, as Greece gripped the first place with a rate of 41%, followed by Portugal then Ireland.
  • Across two-thirds of countries surveyed the recognition of the OBA Icon is greater when accompanied by the Admarker text e.g. “AdChoices”.
  • At least 1 in 4 participants in 11 of the 15 countries said that the Icon makes them trust the brand being advertised more. Better still, in Portugal (66%) and Bulgaria (54%), the value exceeds 1 in 2.

European Advertising Consumer Research Report-2016-EDAA

For more information, please download “European Advertising Consumer Research Report 2016” full report.

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