Beyond Mobile: State of Digital Commerce 2017 | Episerver

Smartphone plays an essential role in digital commerce; 65% of consumers in the UK using their phone to order food or purchase non-essential items. More than 1 in 5 do so on a weekly basis.

Find out how mobile devices are impacting the retail shopping experience for both consumers and high street brands:

  • 98% of the top 100 UK commerce sites provide mobile-friendly commerce online, only 64% have an iPhone app.
  • 32% of the top UK retailers don’t have a smartphone app for either iPhone or Android.
  • 66% of UK marketers don’t include mobile apps within their campaigns.
  • Third of consumers surveyed (32.5%) said that they would like to see one-hour delivery provided by marketers, followed by a mobile app to scan & skip queues (18.8%) and VR (18.5%).
  • The vast majority of UK adults (66%) use their mobile phones for browsing at home, 29.3% in public transport and 21.6% on the high street.
  • 93% of consumers won’t contact customer service if a site is slow to load.

Beyond Mobile State of Digital Commerce 2017 Episerver


Data were driven from 1,200 UK consumers, 100 professional marketers and 100 brands across 5 key sectors.

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