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American Digital Media Consumers, 2017 | PayPal

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Digital media consumers are growing rapidly thanks to the rapid development of communication technology. Check out the highlights below to examine how people consume digital media across 2 media segments:

1. Movies/TV

  • 58% of US consumers are more likely to watch movie/TV content on mobile devices.
  • 55% of US viewers prefer Netflix’s wide catalog of content, followed by Amazon Prime Video with only 14%.
  • 75% of video content viewers in the US pay for streaming channels versus 41% who purchase downloads.
  • 80% of US females prefer watching drama and 74% of males prefer comedy content.
  • 48% of Americans most often pirate video movies after it left the theaters, but before it is available to watch at home legally.
  • “Easy to use” was the overwhelming reason US respondents cited for their preferred payment method across movie/TV  downloads (81%) and streams (77%).

2. Music

  • 86% of US music consumers are listening to it on smartphones.
  • 70% of older listeners download music, compared to 60% of Millennials do so.
  • Apple iTunes is the most preferred music platforms among 30% of US music consumers, followed by Pandora (23%) and Spotify (13%).
  • 56% of US music listeners are more likely to prefer owning only digital content as opposed to a mix of physical and digital.
  • “Easy to use” also was the overwhelming reason US respondents cited for their preferred payment method across music downloads and streams (76% & 81%).
The Most Movie Generes Watched by US Viewers.

                                                   A Graph Shows The Most Movie Genres Watched by US Viewers.


Data were driven from 10,000 consumers across 10 markets.


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