2018 Canadian Holiday Outlook | PWC

A survey conducted by PWC on more than 1000 Canadian consumers revealed that there will be a slight increase in holiday spending make the average holiday spending reach CA$1.563 each (up 3.7%). While the vast majority of Canadian consumers (58%) claimed that they’ll spend the same during the 2018 holiday season, only a quarter will spend more.

Read the below and explores more insights into the shopping behaviours of Canadian consumers:

Holiday Spending Habits Across Canadian Generations

  • Millennial dads (53%) and Gen Z consumers (39%) are more likely to increase their holiday spending than other generations.
  • Travel still the largest part of holiday spending (46%), followed by gifts (41%) and entertainment (13%).
  • Males are more likely to spend more than females (CA$720 for males vs. CA$625 for females).
  • Males are more likely to spend more on travel and entertainment, while females are more likely to do so but on gifts.

Canadian Consumers Behaviour During 2018 Holiday Season

  • The vast majority of Canadian consumers (63%) love the in-store experience to be their primary shopping channel, compared to 22% who prefer using desktops/laptops.
  • Brick-and-mortar retail is also the top shopping channel for inspiration for products or gifts (49%), followed by Amazon (40%) and Google (27%).
  • The top reasons for curbside and in-store pickups are to avoid delivery charges (51%) and crowds (43%). But when shopping online, home delivery is the most used method.
2018 Canadian Holiday Outlook: Holiday Spending Habits & Behaviours

A Figure Shows the Average Spend of Canadian Consumers During 2018 Holiday Season


Data is based on an online survey of over 1,000 Canadian consumers across generational groups.

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