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YouTube Is Giving You More Control over Recommended Videos on Your Homepage

If you are someone who consumes a daily dose of videos on YouTube. You would be happy to know that the YouTube platform is finally rolling out more controls for what you see on the Homepage and also the recommendations in the Up Next bar. YouTube says that these updates will be rolling out for all users in the next few days.

One new feature is designed to make it easier to explore topics and related videos from both the YouTube Homepage and in the Up Next video section. The app will now display personalized suggestions based on what videos are related to those you’re watching. Videos published by the channel you’re watching, or others that YouTube thinks will be of interest.

YouTube is giving users more control over recommended & up next Videos

Google wants to give the user more control over what they see on the home screen (and the Up Next suggestions) of the YouTube application. This has been a very popular feature request and you will now be able to tell YouTube to not suggest videos from a suggested channel anymore. If you see a video suggested to watch and aren’t sure why it was suggested. Then you’ll be happy to hear that another feature tells why the YouTube algorithm suggested it to you. A good example of this is when a lot of people (who subscribe to a favorite channel of yours) have watched the video.

The last change in the push to give users more control involves video discovery. Over time YouTube can learn that you enjoy videos from specific categories. And will suggest these options at the top of the home page. So, if you have a history of looking up baking recipes. Watching late night show monologues. or just want to see what your favorite channels have uploaded recently. You’ll be able to swipe through a number of options at the top of the screen.

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