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Voice Messaging Available Now on LinkedIn

LinkedIn conversations have become more interactive and filled with useful features than before, which is a result of the new LinkedIn updates.

July 26, 2018, LinkedIn announced that voice messages and records have become available on its platform, saving the chatters more time used in typing.

The voice messages in LinkedIn Messaging can be recorded up to one minute, adding more expression to the chatting experience.

“Whether you’re responding while walking or multitasking, or need to give an in-depth explanation, voice messages let you more easily and quickly communicate in your own voice with your connections.”

How voice messaging works?

  • Tap the microphone icon in the mobile messaging keyboard.
  • Tap and hold on the microphone in the circle to record your voice message and release your finger to send.
  • If you want to cancel before sending, slide your finger away from the microphone icon while holding it down.

Using the LinkedIn new feature “voice messaging” is bringing many benefits to users, such as providing the easy message on-the-go, which is based on the fact that People speak about four times faster than they type.

It also enables the users to respond when they can and have a free moment. In addition to the previous benefits, voice messaging enables the users to express themselves efficiently.

It should be pointed out that LinkedIn voice messaging will be available globally on iOS and Android in the next few weeks. Voice messaging won’t be available just on mobile but on web browsers as well.

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