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Google Ads Introduces New Insights to Strengthen the Advertisers’ Ad Impact

It is clear that Google is on a non-stop run to provide effective services, tools, features, updates, and products not only for its advertisers, Webmasters, Site owners, publishers, and marketers but also for all users around the world.

Focusing on the advertisers’ and businesses’ ad experience, a few days ago, Google published on its official Google Ads blog a set of impactful, valuable, and detailed insights which enable all advertisers, Webmasters, Site owners, publishers, and marketers to easily create and lead successful ad campaigns that live up to the customers’ expectations, as well as optimizing and reaching the targeted audiences.

In addition, Google’s also introducing some strategies and tips to make the best use of its products like responsive search ads, responsive display ads, and Universal App campaigns in creating relevant ads.

  • Get more out of responsive search ads

It’s one of the Google products that engage the advertisers’ creativity with the power of Google’s machine learning, in order to enable advertisers to launch relevant, effective, and valuable ad campaigns. As a desire to empower this tool, Google Ads added new options, which are:

  1. Advertisers now have the ability to preview ad combinations as they build them, which shows them what their ads might look like, in addition, the option to browse through them to double-check their work.
  2. They’re also able to view reporting for headlines, descriptions, and top combinations which enables them to view what’s showing up most often on the search results page.

RSA Best Practice

  • Introducing ad strength


Google Ads also points out that using the ad strength feature alongside the responsive search ads is a very important process, which is considered to be an integrated part.

“Innovations like responsive search ads can help you create relevant, personalized ads at scale. However, it can be a challenge to know when these ads have the right amount of information. That’s why we’re introducing ad strength.”


The Google ad strength feature has provided several options and advantages, such as:

  1. It will be shown in both when advertisers write a responsive search ad and as a column in Google Ads.
  2. It’s a metric tool that measures the relevance, quantity, and diversity of ad copy.
  3. Ad strength also makes it easy for all advertisers to enhance the impact of their ads.
  4. It will be launched as a column starting in early September, and in the responsive search ad creation interface over the next several weeks.

Ad Strength UI

To access to the ad strength feature, responsive search ad, and responsive display ad successfully, here’s what you need to do:

  1. On the ad strength side, advertisers should provide as many distinct headlines, descriptions, and other assets as possible.
  2. On the responsive search ad, they also need to provide as many headlines and descriptions as makes sense for their business.
  3. On the responsive display ad, it’s required to provide up to 15 images and five logos, headlines, and descriptions per ad.


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