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Where Are Influencers Being Followed The Most? 2019

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Media-driven social platforms are the most common channel for consumers to follow influencers, consumers are turning to social influencers as a way to identify products, services, and travel destinations that resonate with their unique lifestyles. Although most consumers said that they find new influencers through recommendations from social media platforms, Consumers are frequently discovering new products and brands through influencers, Given that influencer marketing is still maturing, managing the relationships between consumers, influencers, and brands are quite a challenge for marketing teams. Influencer marketing has continued to provide advertisers with authentic opportunities to tell their brand story to consumers. By leveraging the creative expression and organically grown audience from an influencer partner, a brand can reach new consumers and cultivate loyalty.

Take a look at where consumers prefer to follow their favorite influencers, in 2019:

  • Instagram is ranked as the most popular platform that consumers prefer to follow their favorite influencers on with a rate of 65%.
  • YouTube and Facebook come at next as platforms that surveyed consumers reported that they prefer following their favorite influencer through these platforms with a rate of 62%.
  • 64% of surveyed men consumers prefer to follow their favorite influencers through the YouTube platform.
  • 70% of surveyed women indicated that they prefer following influencers through the Instagram platform.

A Graph Shows Where Consumers Follow Influencers, 2019.

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