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Top Barriers of Artificial Intelligence Technologies Effectiveness, 2018

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Artificial intelligence (AI) holds a great deal of promise for helping various business sectors to deal with more sophisticated and dangerous threats but this technology is facing several key obstacles and barriers before it is widely adopted. Despite these obstacles and barriers, it is certain that artificial intelligence will play a major role in our future life. As the availability of information around us grows, humans will rely more and more on AI systems to live, to work and to entertain. Therefore it is not surprising that large tech firms are investing heavily in AI-related technologies. In many application areas, AI systems are needed to handle data with increasing complexities. Given increased accuracy and sophistication of AI systems, they will be used in more and more sectors including finance, pharmaceuticals, energy, manufacturing, education, transport and public services. In some of these areas, they can replace costly human labor and create new potential applications and work along with/for humans to achieve better service standards.

Take a glance at the top barriers of artificial intelligence technologies effectiveness, 2019:

  • The interoperability issues among artificial intelligence are ranked as the top barrier of the effectiveness of artificial intelligence technologies with a rate of 51%.
  • Lack of mature or stable artificial intelligence technologies is ranked as the second top barriers of artificial intelligence technologies with a rate of 48%.
  • The errors of and the inaccuracies in artificial intelligence decision rules come at next as an artificial intelligence technologies effectiveness barrier with a rate of 46%.
  • Artificial intelligence tools needed are not available also listed as an artificial intelligence effectiveness barrier with a rate of 43%.
Barriers to the effectiveness of AI technologies 2018

A Graph Shows The Barriers of The Artificial Intelligence Technologies Effectiveness, 2018.

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