Snapchat & Google Search Are the Most Used Apps Among US Gen Z While Shopping In-store, 2017 | Euclid

Gen Z uses more mobile apps and features than any other demographics when shopping in a retail store, especially the Snapchat.

  • The use of Snapchat is the most dramatic difference between Gen Z and other generations. More than 44% of Gen Z use Snapchat in a store, compared to only 15% of other generations.
  • Texting remains the most popular activity overall, especially with Gen Z. Half of Gen Z respondents said that they text while they’re in a store, compared to 39% of other respondents.
  • Gen Z uses Google search less than other groups with a rate of 36% vs 38% of other generations.
  • Facebook also attract Gen Z users by a rate of 33%, while 31% of other generations use it.

Which mobile apps features do you use the most while shopping in a retail store

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