Trusting The Company is The Main Motivation Factor For Internet Users to Share Their Personal Data With Companies Online at a Rate of 53%, 2018 | GlobalWebIndex

Managing and protecting online privacy has become an essential part of everyday life, people spend a growing amount of their time online, leaving more and more of their personal information online. Information sharing is classified by the type of information to be shared online. As companies collect, use, and share personal information that is available online, people often lose control over their personal data. As a result, people are concerned about their online privacy, worry about possible misuse of their personal information, and express the desire to have more control over their personal information online.

Take a glance at the internet user’s motivation factors of sharing their personal data with a companies online:

  • Trusting the company is ranked as the most motivation factor by internet users that motivate them to share their personal data online with companies at a rate of 53%.
  • Ability to access the data and delete it whenever the user want is ranked as the second motivation factor for sharing personal data online at a rate of 46%.
  • Clear reasons of how and why personal data will be used comes at next as a motivation factcor for sharing personal data online at a rate of 45%.
Motivations of Sharing Personal Data Online, 2018.

A Graph Shows Motivations of Sharing Personal Data Online, 2018.

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