87% of Advertisers Agree That Original Digital Video Advertising is an Essential Part of Their Media Buy, 2018 | AdvertiserPerceptions & Iab

Original digital video content refers to programming not advertising that is professionally produced specifically for digital/online consumption. Ad spending on original digital video programming has been climbing rapidly in recent years and looks set to continue doing so, as advertisers eye the attractive profile of original digital video audiences. ODV viewers reported a higher level of brand engagement with both direct and incumbent brands manifested as store/site visitation, word of mouth, social, buzz, and online search or social following.

  • 87% of surveyed advertisers agree that original digital video advertising is an essential part of their media buy and investment will grow as direct to consumer video sites proliferate.
  • 86% reported that investing in ODV programming will grow & make up a large share of their advertising as networks launch it directly to consumers streaming sites.
  • 83% indicated that the original digital video is very effective to advertise directly to consumers and bypass digital agencies.
  • 82% mentioned that original digital video advertising is as important as TV ads for their media plans.

A Graph Show The Digital Marketers Who Agree With Each of These Statements About Original Digital Video Advertising.

For more information, kindly check the “IAB 2018 Video Ad Spend Study“ full report.