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Percentage of Shoppers That Online or Social Media Advertising Don’t Influence Their Purchasing Decisions, 2019

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Online advertising or social media advertising are affecting shoppers decisions of purchasing. Advertising on social media has become simple to set up and yet targeting has become much easier and more detailed. Advertisers can place ads that align with their business goals, such as establishing brand awareness or driving sales.

When an individual click through a social media ad and lands on the advertiser’s website, retargeting ads can also be placed to move people through the sales funnel. No doubt that online advertising in general or social media advertising is influencing shoppers purchasing decisions.

Take a glance at the countries that their shoppers are not making any purchasing decisions depending on online or social media Ads:

  • The United Kingdom is ranked as the top country with shoppers that online or social media ads don’t affect their purchasing decisions at a rate of 42.8%.
  • Australia is ranked as the second country with shoppers that online or social media advertisement don’t influence their purchasing decisions at a rate of 34.8%.
  • Canada comes at next as a country with shoppers that don’t purchase any products because of online or social media advertising at a rate of 34%.
  • The USA also listed as a country with a rate of 31.2% shoppers that online or social media ads don’t affect their purchasing decisions.
Percentage of Consumers Who Say That They Never Make a purchase Because they saw Ads

A Graph Shows The Percentage of Consumer Who Don’t Purchase Purchase Products Because of an Online Ad, 2019.

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