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Amazon Scores Two Places in Rankings: no.1 and no.3 in 2023

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Online shopping categories have widened ever since e-commerce has taken over globally, as almost everyone now shops online except for the older generation like elders.

Omni-shoppers are the consumers who use technology for the full range of shopping experiences online from a desktop or mobile device, by telephone, or in bricks and mortar stores.

These shoppers are more demanding, social, connected, and convenience-oriented than ever before, Omni shoppers today benefit from retailers’ multi-approach to sales via back-end technology.
It is not a typical retailing category, financial services lead the way when Omni shoppers identified the sectors they were most likely to access online.

Moreover, online shopping is now a big part of our daily lives, according to the latest data, the number of online shoppers in the US has been increasing year after year. It is expected that this year there will be 266.7 million digital buyers there. This number marks a 1.4% annual increase from 2021, and the number is continuing to grow.

In this post, we will provide previous data and new data in 2022 about online shopping categories and online shopping.

Take a glance at the most popular Omni-shoppers online shopping categories back in 2017:

  • Financial services are ranked as the most popular online shopping category for Omni shoppers with a rate of 29%.
  • Toys & games ranked as the second popular online category for Omni shoppers with a rate of 24%.
  • Consumer electronics comes next with a rate of 23%.

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The Most Popular Online Shopping Categories in 2023 | DMC

A Graph Show The Most Popular Omni-shoppers Online Shopping Categories, 2017.

The Top Shopping Trends in 2022:

  • Influencer marketing is an incredibly effective way to influence your opinion.
  • Gen Zers prefer to discover new products via social media however, they still like to make purchases in-store.
  • Millennials and Gen X like to discover new products by searching the internet and retail stores.
  • Millennials and Gen Xers like to discover new products on social media through sponsored content or ads.
  • Gen Zers like to discover new products on social media through short-form videos.
  • The most popular device for online shopping is the mobile phone.
  • When it comes to making a purchasing decision, rice matters along with other factors that might surprise you.

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The Online Shopping Categories 2022:

Here’s a chart for the online shopping categories in 2022 worldwide:

The Most Popular Online Shopping Categories in 2023 | DMC

  • Based on the previous figure for the online shopping categories, electronics come in the first place with $1,010 billion.
  • Fashion comes in next with $990 billion.
  • As obvious, toys, hobby, and DIY comes in third with $570 billion.
  • Also, furniture comes in fourth place with $500 billion.
  • In the last place are beauty, health, personal, and household care with $420 billion.

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U.S. Omni’s Sales Growth:

  • e-commerce has taken over and drives almost 30% of the U.S. sales growth as mentioned below:

The Most Popular Online Shopping Categories in 2023 | DMC

This graph shows the omni sales stats. of 2021 compared to 2022:

  • Total in-store shopping in 2021 scored 2.7% and in 2022 scored 8.4%
  • In 2021, online shopping has shown an increase and reached a percentage of 18.5% as shown above
  • In 2022, online shopping decreased and reached a percentage of 10.8%

The items picked and delivered VS. Picked up:

Stats. of 2021:

  • Since omni shopping was high in 2021, the items shipped and delivered show a percentage of 18.8%
  • The items picked up make up to 16.7% percentage

Stats. of 2022:

  • The items shipped and delivered were 11.1%
  • The items picked up made 9.5%

Most Visited Online Shopping Websites Of 2023: 

Here’s a chart for the online shopping categories in 2023 worldwide:

The Most Popular Online Shopping Categories in 2023 | DMC

  • Amazon scores two places in rankings: no 1 and 3
  • Ebay is the second most visited
  • Rakunten comes as number 4
  • Etsy scores number 5
  • Ali Express declined this year as the final one in the ranking.

Growing And Declining Offline And Online Shopping Categories In U.S.

The Most Popular Online Shopping Categories in 2023 | DMC

  • The most growing online shopping category is food: Especially trendy food items by Gen Zs which are Ramen and Oat Milk, as it’s healthier.
  • Oat Milk scored a good sales percentage online with an above 33%
  • Ramen scored a percentage of 36%
  • Products for common illnesses like cough, cold, and flu have shown phenomenal growth across the board in omni sales
  • While consumers spent more money on 3-in-1 haircare products through e-commerce channels in the past year, other categories have seen more polarized channel performance.
  • With annual growth rates of 46% and 48%, respectively, purchases of eggs have spread across both online and in-store channels in the US.

eCommerce And Omnichannel Developments:

  • 80% of consumers are open to trading personal information for discounts and promotions: Within a day, 54% of respondents expect a customized discount, and 32% within an hour.
  • The percentage of eCommerce businesses with a website personalization programme is 74%.
  • According to 40% of brands, offering experience retail is a priority, and 31% plan to increase their physical presence in 2019. About 50% of brands are getting ready to combine their operations, data, and online and offline offerings.
  • By 2025, it is anticipated that the market for recommendation engines would be worth $12 billion.

All of these statistics we gathered are according to 


e-Commerce has taken over the online shopping experience for most individuals since 2022, as it provides all times one might need just through an application un-like omni shopping channels where one has to search for individual online pages on social media and go through many online stores to get the items they want or need

The difference between e-commerce channels and omni channels is that now they provide multiple options for the consumer from all the brands they would need, For example,  a potential customer can be searching for a water bottle to buy for his daily gym visits to use regularly,  an omni shopping channel would have probably one or two at best different designs for a product like it, but a platform like amazon would have many designs from different brands of water bottles that consumer can choose from.

The reasons stated is why e-commerce and e-commerce platforms are continuing to grow and take over digital buyer’s experiences.


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