Price Is the Most Effective on Decisions of 46.1% of US Shoppers to Shop for Holiday Gifts, 2017 | CPC Strategy

During holiday seasons, gifts are essential as it gives a true spirit to the holiday. There are some key factors that affect the decisions of shoppers in the US to shop for the holiday gifts from a particular brand or retailer. The overall price – including shipping costs – ranked the top of all these factors with a rate of 46.1%, followed by the quality of brand with 16.2% and product selection with only 13%.

It worth to be mentioned that, shipping has mentioned again, as 8% of shoppers voted for the fast of shipping to be one of their most important reason to buy holiday gifts from a particular retailer. So, free and fast shipping isn’t just optional, it’s now the baseline for retailers.

Key Factors Affect on US Shoppers' Decisions to Shop for Holiday Gifts, 2017

A Graph Shows the Key Reasons for Shoppers in Us to Buy Holiday Gifts From a Particular Retailer in 2017