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52% of Gaming Apps Users in the US Are Women, 2017 | Ipsos MORI & Google

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Using mobile apps in the US has risen steadily in recent decades with a percentage of 91% of smartphone owners use apps. In terms of mobile gaming apps usage in the US, women are the most frequently used category for such apps (52% are women vs. 48% are men). And overall, the vast majority of users who consume gaming apps aged from 18 to 45 years old.

Mobile gaming apps users in the US spend an average of 62 minutes on such apps. 58% of them use gaming apps while relaxing, 42% while watching TV, and 38% before sleeping.

Gaming Apps Users in US (Women Vs. Men), 2017 | Ipsos MORI & Google

A Graph Shows the Use of Mobile Gaming Apps in the US During 2017


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