Free Shipping Is the Key Driver for 74% of US Online Shoppers, June 2017 | UPS

Despite the importance of free shipping slipped down from 81% in 2014 to 74% in 2017, it is still the most important option for the majority of US shoppers when checking out for products/services online. That’s why 94% of US online shoppers – who surveyed – indicated that they have taken action to qualify for free shipping.

In terms of types of these actions, adding items to cart to qualify with intention of keeping items came first with a rate of 48%, followed by choosing the slowest transit time offered on a retailer’s site (44%) and then searching online for a promo code for free shipping (41%).

It worth to be mentioned that, three-quarters of US online shoppers are willing to pay a premium for expedited shipping in case some personal circumstances (e.g., travel, holidays, event, etc.) according to what 37% of respondents said.

Most important options when checking out or shopping online in 2017, UPS

Graph Shows the Most Important Options When Checking out or Shopping Online in US, 2017 – UPS