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Growing Revenue & Increasing Profits is The Top Expected Benefit of Investing in Artificial Intelligence by Surveyed AI-Savvy Executives in The USA At a Rate of 48%, 2019

Artificial Intelligence | USA

Artificial intelligence can support companies in managing risks, make better decisions, improving the document classification and automating customer operations. AI technology has a long history which is actively and constantly changing and growing. It focuses on intelligent agents, which contains devices that perceives the environment and based on which takes actions in order to maximize achieving goals success chances. AI is holding an extraordinary future in the digital marketing area it gives satisfying experiences to consumers, empowers predictive analysis, and targeted marketing that will without a doubt offer higher ROI to the businesses.

Take a glance at the top expected values to be gained from investing in artificial intelligence, 2019:

  • Growing revenue and increasing profits is the top expected benefit of investing in artificial intelligence by surveyed AI-savvy executives in the USA at a rate of 48%.
  • Creating better customer experiences is ranked as the second top expected value from investing in artificial intelligence at a rate of 46%.
  • Improving decision making comes at next as an expected value of investment in artificial intelligence at a rate of 40%.
  • Innovating products also listed as an expected benefit of investing in artificial intelligence at a rate of 39%.
Values expected from investment in AI 2019

A Graph Shows The Values Expected From The Investment in Artificial Intelligence, 2019.


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