Increasing Customer Engagement is The Most Digital Marketing Success Challenging Barrier With a Rate of 49% in 2019 | Ascend2

Every marketer faces different challenges to let his digital marketing strategy success. Although they share similar goals, some teams are stuck on hiring top talent, while others are having trouble finding the right technology for their needs. Businesses depend upon their digital marketing strategies to drive a significant portion of their revenue so implementing with less-than-best practices is putting revenue, and careers, at risk.

Take a glance at the most digital marketing challenging barriers of success in 2019:

  • Increasing customer engagement is ranked as the most digital marketing success challenging barrier with a rate of 49%.
  • Improving result measurability is ranked as the second most challenging barrier by surveyed digital marketers with a rate of 47%.
  • Increasing customer accusation comes at next as a digital marketing barrier of success at a rate of 46%.
The Digital Marketing Success Most Challenging Barriers, 2019.

A Graph Shows The Digital Marketing Success Most Challenging Barriers in 2019.

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