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80% of Australian Game Households Have More Than 1 Game Device, 2017 | Bond University & igea

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The game household refers to the one that had in it any device for playing a computer game, including consoles, personal computers, handheld game devices, smartphones and tablet computers.

The study came to show that almost every home in Australia has a device for playing video games with 8 in 10 of each Australian game household had more than one game device and 16% of the game households had a virtual reality headset. Households with children are slightly more likely than households without children to have them (97% vs. 93%).

It worth to be mentioned that, PC devices are the most used devices for playing games in Australia with a rate of 82%, followed by mobiles with 65% and console with 60%. The average age of video game players in Australia is 34 years old with almost half of them are female gamers (46%). Male Gamers spent an average of 98 minutes daily on playing compared to 77 minutes for females.

Online Games in Australia: Latest Trends & Results, 2018 | igea & Bond University

Graph Shows the Main Features of Using Games Among Australian Households, 2018


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