Australian Online Shoppers Don’t Trust The Process of Buying via Social Media Platforms at a Rate of 36%, 2018 | Paypal

Social media buying is the process of procuring advertising from social media platforms. As social media continue to break geological boundaries and connect people together, it has also revolutionized the way people interact and socialize with each other. Businesses and entrepreneurs alike have taken advantage of these online channels to grow and expand businesses. Most digital marketers know that social media is a crucial part of an ad campaign and that, when it comes to sales conversions, social media is certainly useful.

Take a glance at the Australian shoppers’ perceptions of social media buying:

  • 36% of surveyed Australian online shoppers reported that they don’t trust the process of buying via social media platforms.
  • 23% mentioned that they would buy from a social media platform if they can use their PayPal account for convenience and safety.
  • 22% of Australian online shoppers said that they have seen items available for sale on social media sites, but will look for the same item to purchase from an online store instead of social media platforms.
 The Australian Consumer Social Perceptions in 2018.

A Graph Shows The Australian Consumer Social Perceptions in 2018.

For more information, kindly check the “PayPal M-Commerce Index Annual Report Australian Cut, 2018” full report.