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67% of Consumers Are Interested in Learning More About a Place They Are Visiting Through AR/VR Technology, 2018 | Accenture

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In fact, more than half of consumer’s long for the day when they can replace their smartphone with a wearable solution that has all smartphone functionality through augmented reality and hologram interfaces.
AR/VR is evolving into a range of different use cases and device form factor will most likely play a role in their adoption. Consumers are interested in AR / VR technology and services but few are comfortable wearing intrusive devices. Integrating AR technology into wearable and other daily life devices is one way to overcome the challenge.

Take a glance at what consumers are interested in practical, daily-life AR/VR applications:

  • 67% of surveyed consumers mentioned that they want to learn more about a place they are visiting.
  • 61% reported that they want to visualize how clothes might fit through AR/VR applications.
  • 58% said that they want to view manuals in a 3D virtual reality.
Interests in Practical Daily Life (AR/VR) Applications, 2018.

A Graph Shows Interests in Practical Daily Life (AR/VR) Applications, 2018.


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