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Social Media Came in at the No. 1 Activity That Teens in US Do Mostly on Smartphones, 2017 | Adestra

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There are some activities that smartphone users in the US are doing more on their devices. “Adestra” conducted a study to tease out these activities. Data came to show that on an average base, all generations surveyed in the US are using their smartphones for texting; most of them are Baby Boomers – aged 56-67 years – with a rate of 28.1%.

Baby Boomers also are much more likely than all other generations to use such devices for personal communications purposes such as phone calls with a rate of 34.4%, while teens tend to socialize via social media with nearly 40%.

It worth to be mentioned that, using the smartphone for business purposes didn’t get more appeal from respondents; that it lagged behind all top used activities that made on smartphones.

Activities that smartphone users Do Most on smartphones, 2017 - Adestra

Graph Shows the Top Activities That Smartphone Users Do Most on Smartphones, 2017 – Adestra


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