96% of Gen Zers Own Smartphones, Q2 2017 | Globalwebindex

Gen Zers are the first generation to have never spent a single day without the internet, cell phone or computer. It’s a fact that smartphones are central to Gen Zers’ online lives. A vast majority of Gen Zers owns smartphone device (96%), followed by pc/laptop, tablet, and smart TV with rates of 96%, 75%, 30% & 24% respectively.

7 in 10 of Gen Zers said that their smartphone/mobile device is the most important device for getting online. Each day, Gen Zers spend an average of 3 h:38m online on their smartphone/mobile – around 50m longer than the global average. This means that they spend longer online on their smartphone/mobile than they do on any else devices combined.70 % of Gen Z Confirms That Mobile Is the Most Important Device for Going Online, Q2 2017 | Globalwebindex

For more information, please download the “Examining Gen Z Attitudes & Digital Behaviors, Q2 2017 ” full report.