68% of US Shoppers Plan to Shop Online This Holiday Thanks to Its Convenience, 2017 | Kibo

The holiday season is typically the time when retailers expect to see a windfall of revenue. So, they need to be aware of the main reasons make them prefer shopping online or in-store to start working on.

US shoppers agreed that shopping in both online and in-store are the same in terms of convenience but online beats with a rate of 68% compared to 55% in-store.

Hating dealing with holiday crowds ranked the next of the most important reasons & make 58% of US shoppers prefer to shop online, followed by the ability to find best prices and more selections online than in-store.

Why Do US Shoppers Shop Online This Holiday 2017 ? | Kibo

Graph Shows the Reasons for Shopping In-store Vs. Online During Holiday, 2017 – Kibo