47% of Online Shoppers Prefer to Buy Clothes In-Store, 2017 | PWC

A global survey asked nearly 25,000 online shoppers, prefer not to buy the differentiated goods online. Their reasons among the mentioned products: accessories (Jewelry & watches), Clothes (Clothing, shoes or leather goods), Cosmetics (Cosmetics or fragrances) were:-

  • “I need to see & touch the product before buying” was the higher reason rate, especially in the cloth goods (47%).
  • “I have enough opportunities to visit stores near where I live, work or when I travel” was the lowest reasonable rate in the 3 goods categories by percentages 15% for the accessories & clothes, 18% for the Cosmetics.
  • “I am concerned that some products sold online may not be genuine” 31% for the accessories, 29% for Cosmetics, 24% for clothes.
  • “I prefer the in-store experience with a sales assistant” 29% for the accessories, 31% for cloth & Cosmetics goods.

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