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43% of US smartphone owners use only four to six apps on an average day, although the average person has 55 apps installed on their person’s device, and 72% of smartphone owners deleted an app because they rarely used it.

So marketers need to track and monitor users in-app behavior, then take action, based on these valuable data insights through the following:

  • “Mobile App Analytics” which provides full visibility of users and their in-app interaction, gives a complete understanding of what areas are being accessed and how often.
  • “Mobile App Segmentation” to help marketers to create segments of users based on demographics, interests and location. Using this segmented data, marketers can target the user with in-app or push messaging, cross-channel advertising or location-targeting while she is at her local branch.
  • Use “In-app messaging and push notifications” which can convert one-day users into long-term users. In-App Messaging is a great way to reach and engage users while they are interacting with your app. It can also serve as a prompt to users to complete their journey to purchase. Push Notifications are a good way to reach and entice lapsed users back into your app or notifying users. This form of messaging is much more direct and therefore must provide real user value to the customer.

The Ultimate Guide to Mobile Marketing Automation Xtremepush

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