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There are myriad of businesses continue to enter the business space, customer retention remains a crucial challenge for subscription marketers. A study revealed that more than one-third of consumers who sign up for a subscription service cancel in less than three months, and over half cancel within six, which is a disaster for marketing.

Hence, Fluent investigated the challenges that today’s subscription marketers face and tools for addressing and overcoming high churn rates. The Fluent’s white paper also explored ways to leverage content marketing, SMS, email, and affiliate programs to meet customer acquisition and retention goals. Besides tips for delivering ongoing value to subscribers and building long-term loyalty.

Content of “The Marketer’s Guide to Growing a Subscription Business”:

  • In this Whitepaper: The State of the Subscription Economy
  • The Market: Subscription Boxes Come in All Shapes and Sizes
  • The Challenge: Finding Subscribers with High Lifetime Value
  • The Solution: Using Data to Acquire and Retain the Right Subscribers
  • Where to Find Rich Data Insights
  • Taking a Multi-Channel Marketing Approach
  • Enhancing the Subscriber Experience
  • Summary: Relationship Building is Key to Growing A Subscription Business
The Most Important Drivers of Cancellation of the Subscription

A Figure Shows the Most Important Drivers of Cancellation of the Subscription

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