The Complete Guide to Global Social Media Marketing | HubSpot

When creating marketing campaigns using social media, it’s important to understand who your audience is. When targeting multiple nations, there are several challenges to plan for. One of them is that not everyone who finds your social media pages will speak your language, or be able to relate to your region’s latest trends.

Get a glance on how to run social media campaigns for a worldwide audience:

Firstly: What steps should you take when creating your global strategy?

  1. Define your audience.
  2. Set your social media goals.
  3. Choose your languages.
  4. Learn cultural differences.
  5. Choose social networks.
  6. Know localization capabilities on each social platform.

Secondly: How to organize your assets and channels?

  1. Define a hub for each audience.
  2. Choose social sites to target for each region.
  3. Link your blog and social profiles.

Thirdly: How to set up global targeting on Facebook?

  1. Target timeline updates.
  2. Link multiple pages together.
  3. Track your global Facebook Marketing Campaigns.
  4. Localize paid ads on Facebook.

The Complete Guide to Global Social Media Marketing HubSpot

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