Infographic: Holiday Email Marketing Tips to Keep it Together | Campaigner

Halloween has never been just for the kids. It’s a great opportunity for boosting sales. Marketers spent much time preparing for one of the fastest-growing and most widely loved holidays of the year. While email and Halloween are a perfect match, getting ready for Halloween email marketing can be hard work too.

Here are a few things you can do to get ahead of the frenzy and achieve a great holiday success:

  • First of all, email list scrubbing is a critical part of targeting your marketing. Remove any unknown addresses to boost deliverability rates and ensure that your message gets through to your best customers.
  • Using emojis help with higher open rates reaches over 22%. So, try to use emojis in subject lines to boost open rates.
  • Use also themed images to engage subscribers and make sure to make them relevant and clickable images.
  • Design more than one campaign with a variety of subject lines, content, images, and calls to action using A/B split testing. This will help you determine which email campaign elements will spook your subscribers to the bone.
  • Bolster awareness and make your brand ever-present by placing social media icons linking to your brand’s social pages at the bottom of every email.

Infographic: Holiday Email Marketing Tips for Halloween

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