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Instagram has become an integral element of social media marketing for business, with more than 400 million users and over 80 million posts per day. Businesses that used Instagram saw a 93% audience growth month-over-month.

If you have never used the Instagram platform in your business or have already used it before and haven’t achieved so it’s time to read the HubSpot’s eBook. The eBook takes a deep dive into Instagram’s newly released tools on Instagram for Business Platform and the best practices for how businesses use Instagram.

How to Use Instagram for Business | HubSpot's Guide - The Month-over-Month Instagram Audience Growth -

A Figure Shows the Month-over-Month Instagram Audience Growth

The Content of “How to Use Instagram for Business” eBook:

  • Introduction
  • Determine Your Goals
  • Determine Your Metrics
  • Determine Brand Guidelines
  • Test, Repeat, Optimize
  • Anatomy of a Great Profile and Post
  • 10 Types of Posts Every Marketer Should Try
  • How to Use Instagram Stories
  • How to Use Hashtags
  • How to Run a Contest to Grow Followers Fast
  • What the 2016 Changes Mean for Marketers
  • How to Use Instagram’s New Business Tools
  • Instagram Etiquette
  • Creative Inspiration
  • Conclusion
  • Bonus Checklist & Glossary

Number of Pages:

  • 49 Pages


  • Free

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