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Social media growth has been explosive ever since the first social networks appeared on the scene in the early 2000s. And in 2018, 73% of the world’s internet users are registered to at least one social media network (up from 48% in 2010).

As a result of that, social media’s role continues, in turn, to expand within marketing departments. A lot of organizations have turned to social media management (SMM) tools to help them execute their social media strategy.

Today, there are a myriad of social media management (SMM) tools on the market, and each tool comes with its own laundry list of features. And, for sure, this makes the buying process inherently complex.

So, what do we all do when things get complicated?

When it comes to finding an SMM tool, Google search is usually a better bet. However, searching for “the best SMM tool” won’t deliver results that factor in your organization’s unique needs.

The question now is what are the best social media management tools on the market?

This guide helps you find the SMM tool that’s right for you through simple three buying process steps as follows:

  • Determining Your SMM Needs
  • Understanding an SMM Tool’s Capabilities
  • Comparing Vendors
The Growth of Social Media Networks (From 2004 to 2016)

Social Media Growth (2004-2016)

The Content of “How to Select a Social Media Management Tool” Guide:

  • Introduction
  • The Evolution of Social Media
  • The Definition of an SMM Tool
  • Step 1: Determining Your SMM Needs
    • Questions to Ask Yourself
    • The Benefits of SMM Tools
  • Step 2: Understanding SMM Tools’ Capabilities
    • Features Overview
  • Step 3: Comparing Vendors
    • Reviewing SMM Tools
    • G2 Crowd Reviews

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