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Consumers are spending more time than ever on social media and when they’re looking for product recommendations, social is one of the most trusted channels

Building a strong brand will help you attract and retain loyal customers, who will be happy to recommend you to their own networks. A solid social strategy can help you achieve this, but how?

Luckily, this guide shows you how to tap into the potential of social media, so you can build a powerful brand that will win the long term trust and loyalty of your customers.

Download the Sysomos’s guide to learn more about how to:

  • Craft your brand persona to attract more high-value customers or clients.
  • Build a practical, achievable social strategy that delivers results.
  • Figure out how to use and benefit from negative feedback to boost brand awareness.
  • Choose the best social platform to engage with your ideal target market/audience.
  • Be ready to deal with any social crisis and turn it into an opportunity.

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A Special Focus on What You Need to Do to Have Your Brand Ready for Any Social Crisis

  • Get real-time insight: You can effectively manage any social crisis or even defuse it by having real-time insight into what’s happening, and discovering who is leading the conversations. So, you need to collect real-time information that allows you to take charge of a potential crisis and control the outgoing message.
  • The next most important this is to make sure you’re listening. A properly configured social media monitoring platform lets you stay on top of positive and negative conversations about your company.
  • Finally, stay alert and ensure your community manager is notified when keywords pop up in conversations.

Table of Content of the “Growing a Brand with Social Media” eBook:

  • Introduction
  • How can Social Help?
  • Make a Plan
  • Outline Your Brand’s Personality
  • Choose Your Social Channels
  • Make Social Somebody’s Job
  • Put Customer Service Front and Center
  • Be Ready for a Crisis
  • Build Rewarding Relationships
  • Social is Not Optional

Number of Pages:

  • 12 Pages


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Founded in 2007, Sysomos is a Toronto-based social media analytics company; equips the world’s best digital marketers with the technology they need to demonstrate and optimize the value of their work.Sysomos's unified, insights-driven social platform is designed to help marketers and agencies search, discover, listen, publish, engage, and analyze at scale across earned, owned, and paid in a highly efficient and effective way that makes them look like a rock star every day.

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