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Email Marketing

Email Marketing Is One of the Most Ubiquitous Digital Marketing Forms

Email marketing is the practice of reaching prospects and customers via mass emailing. Common email-based marketing messages include email newsletters, promotional campaigns and event announcements.

Email marketing is a fantastic way to build relationships and trust with your audience. But if the goal of your emails is to make money, it can also help with that. Email is hands down the most effective channel for converting customers than any other (that includes social media and search engine marketing).

Monetizing your emails might seem intimidating at first. But if you’re providing valuable content and you have a passion for what you’re doing, you’re already halfway there.

Great content is an essential part of a successful email, but it cannot stand alone without design. Consider this: visuals are processed 60,000 times faster than text, and they have the ability to influence a person’s emotions, which then impacts their behavior.

If you’re not a pro designer, the task of designing an email may seem a bit intimidating. But if you follow the basics of design or use a pre-made email template provided by your email marketing platform, sending beautiful emails can be as easy as clicking send.

The Importance of Email Marketing For Organizations in 2019

A Graph That Shows The Importance of Email Marketing For Organizations, 2019

The Email Marketing Definitive Guide, 2019

In this informative guide, Brian Dean shares with you everything he has learned, since he has launched Backlinko, a few years later about how to successfully use email marketing.

He will teach you how to build your own email list and gain thousands of subscribers.

The Table of Content of “Email Marketing: The Definitive Guide, 2019”:

  • Chapter 1: Email Marketing Fundamentals
  • Chapter 2: How to Build Your Email List
  • Chapter 3: Email Campaign Templates
  • Chapter 4: How to Get Super High Open Rates
  • Chapter 5: How to Improve Email Deliverability
  • Chapter 6: Popular Email Marketing Services
  • Chapter 7: Marketing Automation 101
  • Bonus Chapter: Advanced Email Marketing Strategies


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