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Beginner’s Guide to Social Media Metrics | Hootsuite

Social Media Marketing

There is a variety of social media metrics used as business tools. Every tool can be used for a purpose different than other kinds of tools.

Read the below brief of social media metrics and find out more about how to measure the metrics you need to be tracking, and how you can use them:

  1. Mentions
  • Mentions are the number of times the term or phrase you’re tracking was used across social media. You can measure it simply by counting metric.
  • To use it effectively, make sure to create a content that captures the attention of an active audience; post a positive brand story customers should amplify.
  • Customer service and sales also should be online and ready to engage with clients or prospects.
  1. Sentiment
  • It refers to the emotion behind a social media mention.
  • To measure the sentiment, record the sentiment of mentions, you would read each one, evaluate the tone and assign a positive, negative or neutral score.
  1. Reach/Exposure
  • Reach refers to the potential audience for a message based on total follower count (Twitter, Pinterest & LinkedIn followers, total likes on your Facebook page, etc.).
  • To measure your success using this metric, use the analytics reports provided by each social network, or use an analytics tool that can automatically track reach.
  • Utilize exposure to measure the spread of a conversation to evaluate success.
  1. Engagement
  • This metric measures how much and how often others interact with you and your content on social media.
  • Use engagement metric to understand what types of content or posts get attention and more importantly, what types don’t.
  • It’s important to measure the success of product launches, marketing campaigns or other new initiatives and listen to feedback to inform future projects.
  1. Share of Voice + Audience Growth Rate
  • Firstly, the share of Voice helps you understand how your brand or company is performing in comparison to the competition; so you need to measure the effectiveness of campaigns and other efforts. Keep measuring to see if the campaign had any long-term effect on brand awareness.
  • Secondly, Audience Growth Rate measures the change in a brand or company’s following on social media networks; pay attention to the gender, age or location of new followers to measure if your strategy is helping you reach your target audience or not.
  • Use this metric effectively by identifying which networks are generating the greatest growth & investigate how you can apply your success on those networks to others.
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