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SEO is more vital than ever before. The new Search Engine Journal’s guide covers advanced techniques for SEO and gives you techniques to monitor and track the effects of improvements and changes on an on-going basis.

This guide will give you tools that will help you instruct your web developer or SEO service provider to ensure your SEO efforts are best optimized. You will also learn the difference between 404 and soft 404, how to use XML Sitemaps to boost SEO, why you need to secure your website and how, and much more.

Download the guide now and find out what Google looks at behind the scenes that play a major factor in determining your position in SERP listing.

Advanced SEO: How to Perform In-Depth Technical SEO Audit in 2019

The Sound Structure for Any Website

The Content of “Advanced Technical SEO: A Complete Guide”:

  • INTRODUCTION: Technical SEO Is a Necessity, Not an Option _ By Andy Betts
  • CHAPTER 1: SEO-Friendly Hosting: 5 Things to Look for in a Hosting Company _ By Amelia Willson
  • CHAPTER 2: The Ultimate Guide for an SEO-Friendly URL Structure _ By Clark Boyd
  • CHAPTER 3: How to Use XML Sitemaps to Boost SEO _ By Jes Scholz
  • CHAPTER 4: Best Practices for Setting Up Meta Robots Tags & Robots.txt _ By Sergey Grybniak
  • CHAPTER 5: Your Indexed Pages Are Going Down – 5 Possible Reasons Why _ By Benj Arriola
  • CHAPTER 6: An SEO Guide to HTTP Status Codes _ By Brian Harnish
  • CHAPTER 7: 404 vs. Soft 404 Errors: What’s the Difference & How to Fix Both _ By Benj Arriola
  • CHAPTER 8: 8 Tips to Optimize Crawl Budget for SEO _ By Aleh Barysevich
  • CHAPTER 9: How to Improve Your Website Navigation: 7 Essential Best Practices _ By Benj Arriola
  • CHAPTER 10: HTTP or HTTPS? Why You Need a Secure Site _ By Jenny Halasz
  • CHAPTER 11: How to Improve Page Speed for More Traffic & Conversions _ By Jeremy Knauf
  • CHAPTER 12: 7 Ways a Mobile-First Index Impacts SEO _ By Roger Montti
  • CHAPTER 13: The Complete Guide to Mastering Duplicate Content Issues _ By Stoney G deGeyter
  • CHAPTER 14: A Technical SEO Guide to Redirects _ By Vahan Petrosyan
  • CHAPTER 15: SEO-Friendly Pagination: A Complete Best Practices Guide _ By Jes Scholz
  • CHAPTER 16: What Is Schema Markup & Why It’s Important for SEO _ By Chuck Price
  • CHAPTER 17: Faceted Navigation: Best Practices for SEO _ By Natalie Hoben
  • CHAPTER 18: Understanding JavaScript Fundamentals: Your Cheat Sheet _ By Rachel Costello
  • CHAPTER 19: An SEO Guide to URL Parameter Handling _ By Jes Scholz
  • CHAPTER 20: How to Perform an In-Depth Technical SEO Audit _ By Anna Crowe

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