5 Reasons to Get Ready Now for a Mobile-First World | emarsys

Above all other devices – especially over the last decade -, people have come to use their mobile devices, especially smartphones which have become preferred for researching, shopping and purchasing. Over 2.6 billion people (30% of all humans living on earth) use smartphones and they check their phones 150+ times each day browsing and interacting with mobile apps. A little over a year ago, 37% of all website visits were made with mobile devices.

Take a look at these 5 reasons, to know why companies must make the shift to mobile-first:

  • The mobile device that ate 2.5 billion people: 37% of all website visits were made with mobile devices and 46% of US retailers deployed beacons, a developing technology that alerts your mobile app when you approach or leave a certain physical place, often a store.
  • The monstrous growth of mobile sales: Smartphone sales represented 78% of total mobile phone sales in the first quarter of 2016.
  • Mobile sets a record for Black Friday 2016: Mobile sales exploded on Black Friday in a single day through purchases made on mobile devices ($1.2b total).
  • Enticing back the vanishing customer, with in-app messages: The retention rate for apps that don’t use in-app messages is 13%, compared to 46% for apps that do.
  • Frighteningly low response rates? Try push and SMS messaging: 65% of customers come back to the app within 30 days when push messaging is enabled and push notifications to boost app engagement by 88%.

5 Reasons to Get Ready Now

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