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With this guide, you’ll learn how to avoid the direct conversion killers and how to stay relevant with your audience, by studying from the top 10 conversion killers, recommendations for engaging with your audience, tips for content design and content generation ideas.

The Key 10 Conversion Killers:

  1. You’re boring your audience.
  2. You’re confusing your audience.
  3. You’re making your visitor’s life harder.
  4. You’re not mobile-friendly.
  5. You’re neglecting visual hierarchy.
  6. You’re sending the same content to everyone.
  7. You don’t know how to say “Thank you”.
  8. You’re not trustworthy.
  9. You ignore numbers and only trust gut.
  10. You’re faceless.

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eBook: The top 10 conversion killers to avoid, recommendations for engaging with your audience, tips for content design, and content generation ideas

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