The Marketers League 2017 | 6-7 Nov Cairo, Egypt

The Marketers League Annual Event 2017  in its 3rd Edition, will gather the largest number of marketers, to share their experiences. Marketers will attend the seminars and participate in workshops, as well as guiding and mentoring young marketers by providing the needed resources to jump-start their marketing careers. Besides providing in-depth and updated analysis on the latest marketing trends and case studies around the world along with their application methods through the most well-known advertising companies.

 Who Should attend The Marketers League 2017:

  • CEOs, decision makers, marketing managers, brand managers & businessmen from all fields in the Egyptian and the global market.
  • Business schools and marketing students from the most esteemed universities in Egypt.
  • Highest calibers in the marketing and advertising field.
  • Representatives of the state and top governmental authorities.
  • The most active NGOs serving the Egyptian society.
  • Objectives.

Marketers League

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