MARTech | Boston, MA: October 2-4, 2017

MarTech conference delivers a vendor-agnostic, graduate-level marketing, technology and management perspective designed to help you succeed in this software-powered marketing world.

Attending MarTech will help you:

•Craft remarkable customer experiences
•Acquire and implement effective marketing technology stacks
•Rethink strategy enabled by marketing technology innovations
•Adapt your organization to fast-paced, collaborative marketing
•Manage cross-functional teams with agile and lean practices
•Nurture multi-disciplinary talent
•Redefine marketing’s role in the context of enterprise-wide digital transformation

Who Should Attend:

MarTech is for senior level marketing, IT, and digital executives and experts at the intersection of marketing, technology, and customer experience. If you’re looking to connect the dots between technical possibilities and strategic opportunities in the reshaping of modern marketing, this conference is for you.


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