Digital Experience Summit 2018 | Chicago, USA

Digital Experience Summit 2018 is the industry-defining customer experience conference, where the marketers can network and learn from 400+ digital experience leaders.

DXS serves customer experience management and digital leadership tackling voice of the customer (VoC), machine learning and AI, big data and analytics, optimization and digital experience platform challenges.

It is a 3-day event, that brings a great gathering of the best industry’s speakers, sessions, workshops, and talks focusing all the digital marketing fields.

Digital Experience Summit 2018 will take place from 12 – 14 of November 2018 in Chicago, the USA.

Digital Experience Summit 2018 Speakers:

  • Serafina Frongia – Vice President At Wells  Fargo.

  • Barbara Lehman – Executive Director, Digital Transformation At Comcast.
  • Brian Solis – Principal Analyst At Altimeter @ Prophet.
  • Karen Van Kirk – Vice President At Viewer ExperienceHulu.

  • Samantha Borowy – Sr. Experience Designer At T. Rowe Price Innovation Lab.
  • Eeshita Grover – Sr. Manager, Technical Communications At Cisco.
Digital Experience Summit 2018 Speakers

Some of the conference’s speakers

Digital Experience Summit 2018 main Topics:

  • Leadership, Teams & Transformation
  • VoC & Customer-Driven Design
  • Platforms, Stacks & Operational Success
  • Artificial Intelligence & Data Layers
  • Analytics, Personalization & Optimization

Why Attend?!

  • DX Summit 2018 is the industry-defining customer experience conference.
  • See how Wells Fargo, Hilton and Comcast tackle CX/DX.
  • Meet and learn from the world’s top practitioners.
  • Master the mayhem of a quickly-expanding technology ecosystem.
  • Master the mayhem.
  • See inside the digital ops, VoC and CX programs at top brands.
  • Get ahead via cross-industry insights.

Who Attend?!

  • Digital Customer Experience Executives
  • Customer Engagement Leadership
  • Analytics and Optimization Owners

Some of the conference’s Attendees


  • 3-Day Full Pass – $2095
  • 2-Day Pass – $1495
  • Workshop Pass – $905

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