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How to Increase Website Traffic for a New Brand With Twitter Chatbot? | Gap Case Study

In the world of business, it is a given that the launch of a new brand or even the launch of a new product under the umbrella of any known brand is not easy.

This is not due to the difficulty of launching the product itself, but due to the difficulty of driving the attention of the public to this new product or brand, as well as the tremendous effort required to inform the public – whether current or potential – of the nature and importance of the product to them.

This is fraught with many risks, including the inability to inform the public about the product or convince the consumers of the importance of this product to them, which may eventually lead to the disappearance of this product, wasting all resources and efforts spent to launch this product and bring it into the light.

This does not mean that there is a dead end to the launch of any new brand or new product entangled with that brand. In contrast, you can achieve the desired spread of the new baby between the current and potential audience, as well as create great loyalty and a broad base of consumers for that new product.

All of this requires deliberate steps, including if not the most important of which is the launch of an innovative promotional campaign on both ends, both online and offline in order to achieve the desired awareness to the public.

In this case, we will talk in detail about the steps required to launch a marketing campaign on social media platforms, enabling you to advertise a new brand or a new product, and how you can increase your current customers and reach potential audience for your new product.

This case study belongs to Gap Inc. Gap, is an American worldwide clothing and accessories retailer. It was founded in 1969 by Donald Fisher and Doris F. Fisher and is headquartered in San Francisco, California.

Gap Inc. wanted to launch a new apparel brand for men, which is “Hill City”. Continue reading this article to discover what Gap Inc. did to reach its goals, in addition to identifying its creative solutions and results.

Hill City, Twitter Ads Case Study

Hill City, Twitter Ads Case Study

Key Results:

  • 7,045 total users of the bot
  • 4,747 total wear tester applications
  • 8,938 total sessions


When Gap INC. needed to launch the new brand for men, it knew it had to try and do one thing special to move into a jam-packed business. The result was Hill City, associate degree innovative mix of performance and lifestyle designed to be dateless and age agnostic, permitting the customer to possess fewer yet a lot of productive items in his wardrobe.

The core to the whole thing was building a loyal community that will influence future style. Accordingly, Hill City needed a promotional campaign as personal as its product. It turned to Twitter, where personalized matched connections with customers at scale is a hallmark of the platform.

Hill City additionally recognized Twitter's ability for launching one thing new: Twitter powerfully relates to discovery and is an efficient platform for launching new products compared to alternative platforms.

Hill City, Twitter Ads Case Study

Hill City, Twitter Ads Case Study


  • Hill City created a right away Message chatbot, a Twitter feature that mechanically replies to any customers.
  • Hill City invited the general public to become “wear testers” for the product – making a re-imagined influencer program of real folks that can develop a significant relationship with the whole.
  • Wear-testers were sent Hill town garments in exchange for valuable feedback concerning the merchandise, serving to fine tune the gathering whereas advocating for the whole within the method.
  • To enrich this program, Hill City additionally created a Twitter Moment packed with vivid, high-quality assets that embodied its whole identity.
  • Chatbots make 1:1 interaction simple:
    By setting up a chatbot, Hill City streamlined the process of collecting thousands of names while increasing brand loyalty through one-to-one responses.

  • Tell your story with Twitter Moments:
    Twitter Moments are a great way to tell your brand story in an impactful way.

  • Paint a picture with product images:
    When selling clothing, a picture’s worth a thousand words. These high-quality images show the product in detail and in action, thus telling a full product story.


Hill City’s campaign connected with thousands of individuals on Twitter, with quite 7,000 chatbot visits and over 4,700 wear tester applications. additionally, over 830 individuals RSVP’d to buy at Hill City. The complete continues to create, as this is often simply their place to begin:

  • 7,045 total users of the bot
  • 4,747 total wear tester applications
  • 8,938 total sessions

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