Back to School Retail Opportunities in MENA, 2017 | Think With Google

More than 75 million students in MENA start their academic year in the first 10 days of September 2017. Back-to-School (BTS) season is the second largest moment for retail in the region.

  • One-third of BTS shopping was driven by promotions.
  • Parents’ purchases on BTS increased by 10% in 2017 compared to last year.
  • School uniforms, stationery and lunch boxes are the top of BTS shopping categories for parents in MENA.
  • There is a 12X growth of BTS searches on mobiles vs. desktops.
  • Half of parents in MENA bought known brands that are discounted when making new school purchases.

Back to School Retail Opportunities in MENA, 2017 Google

For more information, please download the “Back to School Retail Opportunities in MENA, 2017” full report.

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