The Online Purchase Journey | GlobalWebIndex

Overview the most important 5 factors at each stage of the digital consumer’s purchase journey:

  • The majority (62%)  of the global sample choose free delivery as their motivation to buy a product online, While 38% think that reviews from other consumers/customers delivery would motivate them to buy
  • 46% are most likely to find out about new brands, products or services via the search engines, while only 30% are using Brand/product websites.
  • 54% mainly use search engines when they are looking for more information about their brands, products or services, while 39% are using consumer reviews.
  • 25% want their favorite brands to make them feel like a valued customer, other 25% want to Provide innovative new products and ideas, & 25% else want their favorite brands to produce eco-friendly products.The research sample is among “51,125” internet users aged 16-64.

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