KSA Online Overview Q3 2016 | Effective Measure

KSA this year witnessing a rise in the internet usage, as the total browsers in KSA are 63,373,935. 81.21% of the users are depending basically on mobiles, and they spend average 02:19 on browsing. 54% of internet users are males.

18% of internet users are full-time students, 44% of them are between 15:29 years and 43% of them are between 40:50 years, and 40% of them are university educated.

  • had the largest KSA audience ranks on the top sites in KSA among “the tagged sites” with over 5.8 million browsers, followed by with over 4.9 million browsers & then with over 4.4 million browsers.
  • Also is the top of “News category sites” in the KSA, then comes in the second rank with over 3 million UBs’ visitors, followed by with over 2.7 million UBs’ visitors.
  • 30% of internet users who had surveyed, aged from 30 to 39 years. 61% of them are males and the rest are females.


For more information, please download the “KSA Online Overview Q3 2016” full report.

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