Infographic: Valentine’s Day Gift Trends, Jan 2017 | Criteo

What does Valentine’s Day bring to mind? Sweet messages, red roses, dark chocolate, and a wallet with a few dollars in it… But it’s a core goal for marketers to create a marketing strategy for this day, to achieve a targeted success & a connection between brand and consumer.

Discover how to sweeten your sales during Valentine’s season using real data from over 80 million transactions during 2016:

  • 79% rise in sales made via smartphones during February 10-12, 2016.
  • Jewelry, clothing, flowers, candy, gift cards, and greeting cards are the top categories achieved the highest sales during Valentine’s Day 2016.
  • Smartphone sales grow 3x as much as desktop sales.
  • More than half the sales of flowers & gifts done via mobile devices.
  • Perfume with lingerie and chocolate with greeting cards are the items most often cross-purchased.
  • On the other hand, messages (100%), flowers (92%) and watches (63%) are items most often purchased alone.

Infographic Valentine's Day Gift Trends, 2017 Criteo


Data were driven from 7,293 US internet users ages 18+. The margin of error was +/- 1.2% points.

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